Medical Second Opinions

2020 Plan Year Information

When you need help understanding a medical condition or treatment plan, want insight into how to manage a chronic condition or have questions about a diagnosis, the confidential second opinion service 2nd.MD will enlist leading specialists to assess your medical situation.

How It Works

  1. Call when you want to speak with an independent specialist about any health-related situation. Most consultations are scheduled within three days.
  2. 2nd.MD will retrieve your medical records and schedule your appointment.
  3. Following your consultation, 2nd.MD will provide detailed notes related to your medical situation and treatment.

Who Can Use It

2nd.MD is a complimentary service available to you and your dependents, adult children, parents, parents-in-law and grandparents.

I had questions when my doctor recommended surgery. The second opinion program reviewed my medical records and test results and gave me a complete report outlining my treatment options so that I could be confident I was making the right decision.

When to Use It

Call when you want clarity for a health-related situation, such as:

You or your loved one is diagnosed with a serious illness.

Your doctor recommends surgery, a new course of treatment or a new prescription drug.

You don’t think your prescribed treatment is working.

You have a chronic condition and want to learn how to better manage it.

You’ve received different diagnoses from multiple physicians.

You need referrals and assistance scheduling appointments with in-network doctors and specialists.

Get Started

Go to to activate your membership using your Morgan Stanley email address.

Call 866-841-2575 to speak with a Care Team member.

Did You Know?

2nd.MD is available even if you or your dependents are not enrolled in the Morgan Stanley Medical Plan.